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New Pumps for Agricultural Waste Management

TT505 pump.

T-T’s Agricultural and Environmental division strives to provide both efficient and reliable solutions to farms and other industries in need of pumps, mixers, separators and more. A recent client came to the team in need of a complete system upgrade, with our experts acting as a one-stop-shop to complete the project.

The Problem

The client came to T-T experiencing issues with their current dirty water management processes, reporting consistent pump failures that were costing both time and money to repair – negatively impacting the farm’s process efficiency and expenditure. Both the slurry tank and dirty water system were being pumped out via tractor mounted equipment, which was causing the unreliable and costly operations.

The Solution

Our agricultural team assessed the client’s issues and the needs of the site, using their expertise to specify three automated pump systems for the farm that would be high quality and low maintenance.

A T-T505 and T-T510 submersible sewage pump were installed on the site, chosen for their superior solids handling capabilities. These pumps provide a shredding action, produced by their impellers rotating against a specially serrated suction cover – this works to reduce the size of suspended solids in pumped matter. The 15mm free passage and cast-iron construction of the pumps further ensures their reliability, vastly reducing the risk of system blockages or corrosion of pumping components.

In addition to the T-T505 and T-T510, a Cri-Man PTS Series chopper pump was selected – designed to effectively handle fibrous solids such as straw and sawdust that would cause issues in standard pumps. As their only UK partner, T-T also offer expert long-term maintenance for Cri-Man equipment, ensuring components such as the chopper blades stay in optimal working condition for consistently high-efficiency pumping. A Cri-Man TBM Series slurry mixer was also installed into the client’s slurry tank, continuously mixing the medium to stop any solids from separating and settling at the bottom.

Lastly, all of the equipment that was specified and installed is automated by T-T Controls utilising ultrasonic level technology. An ultrasound-based level control unit provides uninterrupted service as well as high levels of accuracy and reliability, ideal for the potentially hazardous nature of the application and the possibility of an overflow that could cause environmental damage.

Improve your farm’s slurry and wastewater handling processes for increased reliability and efficiency as well as reduced spending on breakdown callouts and lost time. Contact our agricultural experts at today by calling +44 (0)1630 647200, emailing response@ttpumps.com or completing our online enquiry form.