1. Three T-T Hidro Boost water pressurisation sets with control panels and pressure tanks.

    How-to: Select a Water Booster Set

    Boosting pumps can be applied in a variety of settings: Cooling water systems Municipal water supply and boosting Domestic water supply Irrigation General industrial services Washing plants ...

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  2. T-T Liberator, PuddlePal and conversion kit screenshot from instructional video.

    How-to: Use a T-T Liberator & Puddlepal conversion kit

    T-T's Liberator and PuddlePal range of contractor submersible drainage pumps are light, compact and powerful. The Liberator is designed for use in ground water applications where sand and silt is ...

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  3. How-to: Select a Sewage Pump

    Sewage pumps are specialist pumps designed to handle raw sewage and move it from one location to another - usually the main sewer. For long-term, reliable performance it is critical to choose the most...

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  4. A collage of four contractor pumps.

    How-to: Select a Contractors' Pump

    Contractors' pumps are heavy-duty pumps designed to withstand the rough and tumble conditions expected on industrial and construction sites. Read on to learn more about T-T's range and the main points...

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  5. Collage of T-T sump pumps.

    How-to: Select a Sump Pump

    WHAT IS A SUMP PUMP? Sump - a pit or hollow in which liquid collects Sump pump - a submersible pump for removing water from low levels of buildings, installed in a sump at the lowest part of the ...

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  6. Collage of sewage and sump pumps.

    Pump Know-How: Can sewage pumps be used as sump pumps?

    Many people think of sewage pumps and sump pumps as being the same thing. Although they can look similar, they are designed to perform different tasks - with one pumping sewage and the other handling ...

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  7. Collage of T-T puddle pumps.

    Pump Know-How: What is a Puddle Pump?

    A puddle pump (or puddle sucker) is a submersible pump used to drain low-level water from flat surfaces. Unlike water pumps, puddle pumps do not need to be fully underwater in order to work, making ...

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  8. Collage of sewage pumps.

    Pump Know-How: How does a Sewage Pump Work?

    A sewage pump is a pump used to move raw sewage from one location to another - for example from a sewage pumping station into the main sewer. The most commonly used sewage pumps are “free ...

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  9. Clean water irrigation on golfing green.

    How-to: Select a Booster Set for Irrigation

    Sizing booster systems for irrigation requires careful consideration in order to achieve optimum performance, efficiency and long-term reliability. So what are the main factors and requirements to ...

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  10. Collage of submersible pumps from T-T on a white background.

    How-to: Select a Submersible Pump

    A submersible pump is any pump that operates while submerged in the medium it is pumping. There are a wide variety of submersible pumps available, designed for optimal performance in different kinds ...

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  11. Collage of submersible and surface mounted pumps.

    How-to: Select a Submersible or Surface Mounted Pump

    Submersible and surface mounted are two different pump configurations that have unique benefits, making each one suitable for different kinds of applications. Our expert guide will cover the basic ...

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  12. Scaffolding on a construction site.

    Pump Know-How: Electric Pump Safety on Construction Sites

    What voltage of is needed for an electric pump on a construction site? 110 Volt Pumps are always the Preference for Safety Why? A lower voltage is safer and less likely to cause serious harm. The ...

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