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How-to: Select a Sewage Pump

Sewage pumps are specialist pumps designed to handle raw sewage and move it from one location to another - usually the main sewer. For long-term, reliable performance it is critical to choose the most suited sewage pump for your application, ensuring it can handle the effluent type and site conditions; such as sewage that contains high volumes of fibrous materials or which needs to be transported over longer distances.

T-T's expertly written guide gives you all you need to know about the different types of pumps available, from channel impeller pumps to specialist vortex and chopper pumps.

Sewage pump selection can be daunting and complex, so we would always recommend contacting our specialist engineers who will be happy to help.


Channel Impeller Pumps

A channel impeller pump is a simple sewage pump designed to handle normal effluents, offering an efficient solution with a high flow rate and delivery pressure.

Vortex Impeller Pumps

When there is a requirement for solids handling, vortex impeller pumps offer an economical solution capable of dealing with household wipes and other fibrous materials.

Grinder Pumps

Grinder pumps are designed to break down sewage for transfer over longer distances, being ideal for applications where there is a low discharge flow rate.

Chopper Pumps

For applications with challenging conditions and high volumes of fibrous materials, chopper pumps are the perfect solution.


DG Steel - a robust submersible sewage pump with a vortex impeller for the handling of solids from 25mm to 40mm depending on the discharge. 

DG Blue Professional - manufactured by Zenit, ideal for solids handling in a variety of domestic and industrial environments, offering a high flow rate and head with an integral free passage of up to 50mm.

DGO Range - A heavy-duty submersible sewage pump with a vortex impeller for handling sewage with fibrous materials, available in a range of models with discharges from 50mm to 80mm.

DGX stainless steel submersible range - manufactured by Zenit, ideal for solids handling of up to 38m, offering a high flow rate and superior head performance.

Zenit DGG - offers a unique setback vortex impeller for solids handling in industrial applications, offers vertical and horizontal discharge points and discharge sizes of 65mm to 100mm.

V-Flow range - boasts an explosion-proof motor making it suitable for Zone 1 hazardous gas environments, features a vortex impeller for superior solids handling and a 100mm discharge.

E-Flow Range - with a discharge size of either 100mm or 150mm it can handle solids of up to 105mm, offering an explosion-proof motor suitable for Zone 1 hazardous gas areas.


T-T Pumps has a solution for every application, with each pump designed to provide maximum performance, efficiency and durability. Explore our range of sewage pumps online or contact our expert team for help with selection, our experienced and knowledgeable engineers are always on hand to help. Call +44 (0)1630 647200, email pumpsales@ttpumps.com or complete our online enquiry form.

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