Level Control

T-T offers a comprehensive choice of float switches for level control in all mediums. The FLO Series is designed and manufactured in the UK by our experts, with quality construction materials and over six decades of fluid handling experience to guarantee reliable long-term level control for your pumping systems.

Float switch operated pumps provide peace of mind automation and level monitoring across all sectors, from domestic to industrial. T-T’s FLO Series includes models suitable for installation into sewage pumping stations, flood control sump pumps, ATEX Rated settings and potable water applications.

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  1. ATEX
    FLO101 Float Switch for level control in zone related areas

    FLO101 Float Switches

    Starting from £85.00

  2. Made In Britain
    FLO102 float switch for level control in general applications

    FLO102 Float Switches

    Starting from £77.00

  3. Cost-effective float switch

    FLO103 Float Switches

    Starting from £44.00

  4. Made In Britain
    FLO106 Fuel float switch for level control in diesel or oil tanks

    FLO106 Float Switches

    Starting from £88.00

  5. Made In Britain
    Potable FLO107 float switch for level control in potable or clean water

    FLO107 Float Switches

    Starting from £89.00

  6. T-T Controls counterweights

    Float Counterweights

    Starting from £5.00

  7. Made In Britain
    Ready Level

    Ready Level

    Starting from £79.00

7 Items found

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