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Level Control

We offer a comprehensive choice of float switches for level control in all mediums. The FLO series is designed and manufactured in the UK by our experts, with quality construction materials and over six decades of fluid handling experience to guarantee reliable long-term level control for your pumping systems.

Float switch-operated pumps provide peace of mind automation and level monitoring across all sectors, from domestic to industrial. Our FLO series includes models suitable for installation into sewage pumping stations, flood control sump pumps, ATEX Rated settings and potable water applications.

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  1. Made In Britain
    FLO102 Float Switch for level control in general purpose areas

    FLO102 Float Switches

    Starting from £77.00

  2. FLO103 general economy float switch.

    FLO103 Float Switches

    Starting from £44.00

  3. Made In Britain
    flo107 float switch with WRAS-approved materials for clean/potable water applications

    FLO107 Float Switches

    Starting from £89.00

  4. Made In Britain
    Ready Level with chain and float switches.

    Ready Level

    Starting from £79.00

7 Items found

15 30 60 All

Types of Float Switches

We have different types of float switches suitable for level control and system automation in a variety of mediums, including ATEX-approved low-current microswitch models for Zone 0 applications, floats with EPR insulated cables for fuel applications and models constructed from WRAS approved materials for safe installation in potable water sources.

How to Install a Float Switch

Float switches can be installed in a number of ways depending on the application – they can be used for filling and emptying or alarm applications.

For installation into tanks and sumps (such as in pumping stations, water treatment plants and basements), float switches need to be tethered to the inside of the tank or on the pump in a place where it can move freely to activate and be easily accessed for visual inspections and maintenance.

  • Filling and low-level alarm usage – use the brown and blue cable cores on the FLO Series float switch, this means the contact will close when the float is down and open when it is up.
  • Emptying and high-level alarm usage – use the brown and black cable cores on the FLO Series float switch, this means the contact will open when the float is down and close when it is up.
  • Independent alarm operation (low, mid and high level) – separate float switches are needed for each alarm that is required.

Common Float Switch Issues

Common issues encountered by pump float switches include a lack of free movement if the float is not correctly positioned, loose mounting causing the float to move from its fixed position and obscure level monitoring or premature failure due to degradation from using an incorrectly selected float for the application.

These issues can all be avoided with correct float switch selection and installation, contact our team for expert support with your level control unit today.

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Case Studies

FLO Float Switches: From Design to Product Launch

Find out how the T-T Controls team went from design to product launch with their FLO Series float switches for level control in a range of applications.

Read all about the testing and quality control that went into ensuring we produce reliable and accurate float switches for our customers.

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