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  1. A collage of three T-T FLO Float Switches.

    T-T Technical Guide: How to Choose a Level Control Unit

    This guide will teach you the essential information needed for choosing the most optimal liquid level control solutions for different applications. Level control is a vital component located...

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  2. Three T-T Hidro Boost water pressurisation sets with control panels and pressure tanks.

    T-T Technical Guide: How to Choose a Water Booster Set

    Boosting pumps can be applied in a variety of settings: Cooling water systems Municipal water supply and boosting Domestic water supply Irrigation General ...

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  3. T-T counterweights instructional video screenshot.

    How-to: Affix a Float Switch Counterweight

    Counterweights are necessary in level control applications where there is no fixed object to attach a float switch to, acting as the pivot point. T-T's Flo Range of Float Switches are designed for ...

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  4. T-T Liberator, PuddlePal and conversion kit screenshot from instructional video.

    How-to: Use a T-T Liberator & Puddlepal conversion kit

    T-T's Liberator and PuddlePal range of contractor submersible drainage pumps are light, compact and powerful. The Liberator is designed for use in ground water applications where sand and silt is ...

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  5. T-T Technical Guide: How to Choose a Sewage Pump

    Sewage pumps are specialist pumps designed to handle raw sewage and move it from one location to another - usually the main sewer. For long-term, reliable performance it is critical to choose the ...

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  6. Screenshot from instructional video showing swing check valve and tools.

    How-to: Move a Swing Check Valve Lever and Weight

    A valve's lever weight arm needs sufficient room for movement in order to operate, making valve adaptability to surrounding areas and space limitations an important factor when selecting a product. ...

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  7. Collage of various different air valve models.

    T-T Technical Guide: How to Choose & Position Air Valves

    Air Valves are designed to intake and release gas (de-aerate) from fluid management systems, such as wastewater, potable and irrigation pipelines. This protects the pipes and overall system from ...

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  8. Valves and flanges at a pumping station installation.

    Valve Know-How: Flanges, Bolts and Tightening

    Flanges, bolts and tightening are essential to safe, efficient and reliable operation of your liquid control network - whether it is for potable water delivery, irrigation, waste handling or ...

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  9. Adoptable pumping station and kiosk on housing estate.

    Pump Station Know-How: Adoptable Pumping Station Process

    What is an Adoptable Pumping Station? Once installed and commissioned, an adoptable pumping station becomes the property of the relevant local water authority – making them responsible for all ...

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  10. A flap valve, a swing check valve and a butterfly valve.

    T-T Technical Guide: How to Choose a Check Valve

    A check valve is a simple self-acting device that prevents backflow within a pipeline by only allowing fluids to move in one direction. This prevents potential potable water contamination and ...

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  11. Injection moulding machinery.

    How-To: Make a Float Switch - Injection Moulding Process

    Our FLO range of float switches offers reliable level control, floating on the surface of a liquid and starting/stopping equipment such as a pump or valve when the liquid reaches predetermined levels...

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  12. A collage of four contractor pumps.

    T-T Technical Guide: How to Choose a Contractors Pump

    Contractor pumps are heavy duty pumps designed to withstand the rough and tumble conditions expected on industrial and construction sites. Read on to learn more about T-T's range and the main points...

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