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  1. WRAS approved custom check valve with isolating gate valve.

    Bespoke Replacement for Legacy Check Valves

    As valve design evolves there are more and more sites needing replacements for old and obsolete models, requiring manufacturers to work closely with on-site engineers to find effective replacements or...

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  2. Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Custom Inline Basket Strainers for Peninsula Hotel

    The Peninsula Hong Kong, in Kowloon, is the flagship property of the Peninsula Hotels group – a luxury hotel chain that first opened its doors in 1928. Boasting a five-star rating, several ...

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  3. Large swing check valves with dampeners for Hong Kong.

    Damped Check Valves for Hong Kong Drainage Department

    Our commitment to providing market-leading products secured our valve division, T-T Flow, an order for four large custom valves to Hong Kong; a region where we have an established installation base ...

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  4. Black, flanged duckbill check valves.

    Rapid Supply of Essential Check Valves

    The Problem Construction projects where backflow prevention is concerned – such as drainage systems, stormwater management, wastewater treatment plants and outfall applications – are ...

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  5. Buncefield Oil Terminal accident aftermath

    Aquavault Gate Valves for Buncefield Oil Terminal Restoration

    In December 2005 a major emergency was announced at one of the UK’s largest oil storage terminals – Buncefield. A faulty high-level alarm had failed, allowing petrol to fill and overflow ...

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  6. Isolation valves for wastewater recycling in India

    Earlier this year T-T Flow was tasked with supplying isolation valves to a decentralised wastewater treatment system that supplies naturally treated water to Nehru Gardens in Alwar, India. The ...

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  7. Non-return Valves for the Thames Tideway Scheme - Albert Embankment

    T-T Flow was once again asked to supply non-return valves for the biggest sewer upgrade that the UK has seen in over 150 years. The £4.3bn Thames Tideway Scheme will intercept, store and ...

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  8. Double Hinge Flap Valves for the Thames Tideway Scheme - Blackfriars Bridge

    T-T Flow supplied double hinge flap valves to the Thames Tideway Tunnel, the UK’s biggest sewer upgrade for more than 150 years - and one of the largest and most challenging engineering projects...

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  9. T-T Flap Valves for £5million Matlock flood defense

    In early 2022 the United Kingdom was struck by several intense storms in quick succession - this led to flooding and structural damage across many parts of the nation. Matlock, in Derbyshire, ...

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  10. Eccentric plug valves, from T-T to Hong Kong

    T-T recently minimised costly downtime for a client with an order of eccentric plug valves via air freight shipping. THE PROBLEM A sewage treatment works under the Drainage Services Department of ...

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  11. Air Valves for £1billion Wastewater Network

    A local development were in need of air valves and washout chamber components for their new site's primary pumped wastewater network. The Problem The development is a £1b scheme set to include 3,...

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  12. Cosford Custom Wastewater Treatment Upgrade

    All five divisions of the T-T family recently collaborated on a project in Cosford, Shropshire. Here they worked as a single-source solution for the installation of a custom intelligent valve upgrade ...

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