Grinder and Cutter Pumps

Robust and reliable grinder and chopper pumps to suit every purpose. T-T's range of grinder pumps have been specifically produced for wastewater and industrial applications. The cutting system is constructed of hardened steel with three blades that cut on an eight-hole cutter plate that rotates at 69,000 per minute, which is then taken into a multi-channel impeller.

Our grinder and chopper pumps are suitable for almost any housing, industrial, sewage treatment, agriculture, transport, biogas, food processing, agricultural, and environmental applications. We can also offer standard motor or full ATEX-approved grinder pumps in this range.

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  1. ATEX
    PTS Heavy Duty Chopping System

    PTS 80-150 Series

    Starting from £3,200.00

  2. A bright blue Zenit submersible pump with a blue float switch attached.

    The three-blade grinding system on Zenit's GR Blue Professional mean it can reliably pump heavy-duty and fibrous fluids.

  3. A dark grey sewage pump from Zenit's Grey range of submersible sewage pumps.

    Zenit's GRG Range of electric submersible pumps, from their Grey Series, are fitted with a grinding system that chop through fibrous materials with ease to prevent blockages in your pumping systems.

  4. TT305 / TT505 / TT510 submersible sewage pump


    Starting from £2,150.00

  5. TT1008 / TT1409 submersible sewage pump


    Starting from £4,900.00

8 Items found

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