Grinder and Chopper Pumps

Robust and reliable grinder and chopper pumps to suit every purpose. These cutting edge solutions are designed to grind waste into a fine slurry for more efficient pumping. Depending on the application they can deal with some seriously heavy duty waste. But our solutions offer a winning combination of total reliability, smooth operation, steady performance, and continuous work cycles without any unwanted clogging or slowdown.

Our grinder and chopper pumps are perfectly suited for reliable operation in a range of locations, including almost any housing, industrial, sewage treatment, agriculture, transport, biogas, food processing, agricultural, and environmental applications.

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  1. Cri-Man PTH high pressure centrifugal chopper pump on T-T frame
    Starting From £6,120.00 £5,100.00
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  3. PTS Heavy Duty Chopping System
    Starting From £1,440.00 £1,200.00
  4. GR Blue Professional high head sewage pump
    Starting From £948.00 £790.00
  5. TT305 / TT505 / TT510 submersible sewage pump
    Starting From £1,584.00 £1,320.00
  6. GRI grinder pump
    Starting From £1,848.00 £1,540.00

10 Items

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