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Contractors Pumps

T-T offers a range of Heavy-duty contractor pumps in both electric submersible contractor pumps and hydraulically powered contractors pumps. Each has its advantages with the electric submersible pumps using a safe electric supply. In contrast, the hydraulic contractors’ pumps can be powered by an independent power pack or a mini digger. The following information may be a useful guide.

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22 Items found

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Contractors Pumps

Electric Submersible Contractors Pump

T-T Pumps Kino Titan range of Electric Submersible Contractors Pumps are specifically designed and engineered for rough, tough life found on site where reliability counts.

The Kino Titan range has evolved from our extensive experience of pumping under challenging areas of dewatering transfer in industrial, construction, mining, tunnelling, quarrying applications and flood recovery. Using the best materials to give maximum wear resistance when pumping waters with high abrasive content, you can count on TT for supplying durable pumps that will last and simultaneously are fully repairable, which allows the user to maximize the return from their investment.

Our Kino Titan range has 8 model types and 55 sizes available from 50mm to 200mm with motors from 1.5kW to 110kW, performance up to 180metres head, and flows up to 400 m3/h.

The whole range is IP 68 with Class F insulation and capable of operating up to 40 degrees C and constructed to tolerate aggressive fines found on construction and quarry sites.

The following short description will hopefully give a brief understanding of each model and application.

  • KTS Dewatering pump is ideal for site drainage, larger water features, and process supply.

  • KTSE is the upgrade of the KTS with adjustable level control which gives excellent economy and efficiency by only allowing operation when there is demand for pumping.

  • KTC offers low head while returning high volumes.

  • KT Sand Devil is constructed using Cast Iron and High Chrome wearing parts, giving it excellent durability. Fitted with an agitator, this pump will handle sand and small solids in suspension with a side discharge.

  • KTA is fitted with an agitator and is ideal for pumping heavy slurry. The use of wear-resistant materials ensures excellent wear resistance.

  • KTA/S has a 4-pole motor and designed for lower head applications.

  • KTH/S is a high head pump ideal for dewatering and irrigation.

  • KTH is the largest of the range with a heavy-duty build in cast iron and a firm favourite on construction sites and quarries where high and flows are required.  

Applications are various from site drainage, dewatering, process supply, washing, transfer, flow and flood control. Our pumps are not limited to site drainage and can be found working on industrial sites feeding processes to transferring liquids where durability and reliability are essential.


Contractor Pump Selection

To select the right pump, you need the following information.

  1. The liquid to be pumped whether its clear water, muddy water, solids content, e.g., sand or gravel and abrasive factor.

  2. Flows required or volume of water needed to be drained.

  3. Head the static head, which is from the liquid level, the pump will be situated to the point of discharge required.

  4. Discharge pipework length.

  5. Does the discharge pipework rise, or are there any rises and falls in the pipework run?

  6. Distance from power supply to the control box and length of cable from the control box to pump.

  7. Power supply available on-site and rating.

The above questions will help us select the best pump for your application.



The TT Pontoon has been designed to meet the demand of suspending or floating a pump. It can be used with a submersible pump or an engine-driven pump. Ideal for decanting, water transfer, and irrigation, as it has the capacity of a single pontoon which is 160kgs per unit.  Please note you can join 4 units together to increase capacity.


Hydraulically Powered Contractor Pump

Our range of Hydraulically driven contractor’s pumps complements the choice of pumps and certainly gives options where conventual pumps are limited due to size and access. All the hydraulic pumps we offer can be powered by a Hydraulic Power Pack or Mini Digger, offering pumping capacity where there is no convenient electrical power supply is available. Easy to install and manoeuvre it gives excellent flexibility.


The Hydraulic Range

  • WP25, with a 65mm discharge, is a general-purpose pump and suitable for pumping clean water or muddy water with suspended solids.

  • SP20/21, ATEX rated for Zoned Areas, has a 50mm discharge is manufactured in stainless steel and cast iron.

  • SP35/SP45 is available with 80 and 100mm discharge offering good flows.

  • SP55/SP65 is available with 125 and 150mm discharge outlets having a cutting action impeller. This pump is ideal for areas where choppable solids like weed and seaweed are found in ditches and culverts.

Selecting a hydraulically driven pump is similar to choosing an electric submersible, but our interest will be the additional items

  1. The length of hydraulic hose required from the power pack to the pump.

  2. The type and size of power pack and its hydraulic performance capacity that you have available?

Please be assured our experts will help with selecting the best pump for your application.  


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