Agricultural and Environmental

  1. A HBC Biocell, separated slurry solids and cows in a cattle shed.

    Turning Farm Slurry into a Hygienic Bedding Alternative

    Environmental considerations are now at the forefront of slurry storage and distribution - what can be done to reduce the environmental impact of farm slurry and how will it affect a farmer's bottom ...

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  2. Two orange ETO chopper pumps from Cri-Man in T-T's Repairs Workshop.

    T-T Repairs Workshop – Cri-Man Approved Pump Servicing

    Scheduled maintenance and servicing of any pump is crucial to the long-term reliability of the equipment, maintaining energy efficiency, ensuring high-quality pumping results and protecting your site ...

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  3. New Pumps for Efficient Farm Waste Agricultural Management

    T-T’s Agricultural and Environmental division strives to provide both efficient and reliable solutions to farms and other industries in need of pumps, mixers, separators and more. A recent client ...

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  4. NiTEC coated TBM slurry mixer manufactured by Cri-Man.

    NiTEC Coating for Long-Term Slurry Mixing

    Mixing is essential to successful anaerobic digestion, providing homogeneity for a more consistent decomposition process, preventing the formation of separate layers and diluting toxic substances that...

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  5. Separator System for Scottish Pig Farmer

    T-T Pumps, in partnership with Filpumps of Aberdeen, supplied a separator system for pig farmer DW Argo in Scotland. The Problem When there was a requirement for a separator system at a farm in ...

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  6. Cri-Man Chopper Pumps for Guaranteed Reliability

    During a successful Lamma exhibition, T-T Pumps representatives were caught up in a case of mistaken identity by a disgruntled pump owner. The Problem The gentleman approached T-T's exhibition stand...

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  7. Environmentally Responsible slurry management solutions

    Slurry storage specialists Agri Environmental Group (AEG) recently contacted T-T in search of a complete slurry management system for a customer with a sensitive surrounding environment. The Problem...

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  8. Effective slurry management for organic farming solutions

    Sustainable and organic farming methods are becoming more prevalent as concern grows for our planet's wellbeing. When an environmentally conscious farm approached T-T's Agricultural & ...

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  9. Screw Screens for Improvements to Water Treatment Infrastructure

    When there was a requirement for the replacement of existing screw screens/conveyors as part of ongoing improvement works being carried out by two UK regional water authorities, our distributors knew ...

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  10. Chopper Pumps and Mixers - Farm, Scotland

    Problem When a pig farm in Scotland approached our distributor with a problem in one of their large concrete slurry storage tanks, our distributor knew we would have the solution. The farm was ...

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  11. Slurry Separator for Prosiectslyri Project

    T-T Pumps have just supplied a Slurry Separator to a research farm in North Wales as part of the Prosiectslyri Project, a £1.1M project funded by the Welsh Government through the rural development ...

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  12. T-T Separator System

    Pump manufacturer T-T Pumps in partnership with Filpumps of Aberdeen has recently supplied a separator system for Pig producer DW Argo in Scotland. The system consists of a submersible chopper pump ...

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