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Environmentally Responsible slurry management solutions

Slurry storage specialists Agri Environmental Group (AEG) recently contacted T-T Agricultural & Environmental in search of a complete slurry management system for a customer with a sensitive surrounding environment.

The Problem

AEG's southwest dairy farming client was in search of pumping, mixing and separating equipment that could reliably contain slurry waste to protect the river that runs around the site's perimeters. With a 2000-strong herd, the system needed to be both large and robust enough to manage the farm's demands and effectively protect the adjacent river from pollution.

The Solution

T-T provided all of the components needed for an efficient and environmentally responsible slurry management system, using Cri-Man manufactured products for their reliable and industry-trusted design.

T-T began with a SM range Dewatering Separator, the SM 300.

Separating farm slurry is an important step in protecting a site's surrounding environment - this process lowers the levels of harmful gasses in the waste that can contaminate nearby water sources when used as a fertiliser. It also reduces the required storage space, putting less stress on storage facilities and minimising the risk of a potentially harmful breach.

The SM 300 has a slurry separating capacity of up to 72 (m³/h), making it more than suited to handle the dairy farm's waste. All T-T Dewatering Separators are constructed from cast iron and stainless steel, improving the system's durability through a resistance to corrosion, making breakdowns an unlikely occurrence. With a max operating speed of up to 33 rpm, higher than the market average for slurry separators, the SM 300 provided will give the farm a higher quality of slurry separation than other separators available on the market.

Next, a TBM Range mixer was included to homogenise the remaining liquid slurry, making sure it remains well mixed and therefore allowing the separator to remove as much solid fraction as possible.  The TBM mixer supplied came with a stainless-steel propeller as standard, constructed with a self-cleaning profile for low-maintenance slurry homogenisation. 

Lastly, a PTS Series submersible chopper pump - able to handle up to 12% solid contents - was chosen to transport the raw slurry to the separator at the required flow rate. The dual chopping action of the PTS Series guarantees reliable pumping for the site, on top of a serrated suction cover giving additional solids support to the chopper and minimising the potential for a blockage.

Trust Cri-Man

Since its installation, the customer has been exceptionally pleased with the slurry management system supplied by T-T, as it is removing approximately 30 tonnes of dry matter a day - improving the environmental safety and slurry handling efficiency of the farm.

As the only official UK distributor of Cri-Man products, there is nowhere else that AEG could have gotten products of the same quality for their client. Only with T-T do you receive the most up-to-date Cri-Man products and comprehensive after-sales maintenance services.

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