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Pumping Stations

  1. Photo of kiosk and cover of newly installed pumping station.

    T-T & Blockfree – Emergency Pumping Station Upgrade

    T-T Pumps knows the benefits of working with trusted industry partners to complete projects, coming together with Blockfree Services once more to assist a care home that was experiencing increasing ...

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  2. Reliable pumping Station for Complex Site

    In a recent project, the T-T Pumping Stations team was tasked with fabricating a waste management system with a reliable pump for a complex multi-use site, set to serve over 150 residents each day. ...

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  3. New Pumping Station for Isle of Sheppey

    Working closely with the contractor to a detailed specification, T-T Pumps constructed a new pumping station on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. The work was carefully scheduled in order to minimise any ...

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  4. Package Pumping Station for UK’s First Net Zero Restaurant

    T-T Pumping Station supplied a Jupiter Package Pumping Station for what is believed to be the UK’s first net zero emissions restaurant. A testing ground for future sustainable developments, the ...

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  5. Pumping Station for Multi-Million A50 Growth Corridor

    As part of a highway development project on the A50 near Uttoxeter, T-T Pumping Stations designed, supplied and installed a new relocated pumping station to facilitate commercial and residential ...

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  6. Urgent Pumping Station Adaption for Yorkshire School

    When an essential pump at a school in West Yorkshire had come to the end of its life, T-T Pumps stepped in to provide a rapid solution involving the adaption of a pumping station, working to ensure ...

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  7. Warwick Castle Lodges - Trojans

    As part of the Warwick Castle development, thirteen luxury lodges have been constructed in the ancient woodlands. These lodges are their Knight’s Village Lodges, where attendees can have an ...

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  8. Overcoming Pump Station Failure at Bloor Homes

    When an adoptable pumping station servicing a development of 500+ new homes began blocking and failing on an almost weekly basis, T-T Pumps were asked to investigate the issue and provide a solution ...

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  9. Surface Water Pumping Stations at Tower Vaults

    T-T Pumps were asked to supply replacement foul and surface water pumping stations at Tower Vaults, an underground retail mall adjacent to the world-famous Tower of London. Part of Tower Hill, the ...

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  10. Household Wipes Challenging Sewage Pumping Stations

    Household wipes entering the sewage system cause major problems for sewage pumping stations. Current specifications set out by Sewers for Adoption cater for normal domestic sewage but don't account ...

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  11. Jupiter Package Pumping Station for Beaumanor Hall

    When Leicestershire City Council noticed the walls of their newly installed underground pumping station were distorting and losing their shape, they sought out a single-source solution from a quality ...

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  12. Specialist Pumping Station for Grand Designs

    T-T Pumps, with their diverse capabilities and products, was selected to supply the pumping station for a Grand Designs project which aired on Wednesday 28th September 2011. Incorporated in the ...

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