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Reliable pumping Station for Complex Site

In a recent project, the T-T Pumping Stations team was tasked with fabricating a waste management system with a reliable pump for a complex multi-use site, set to serve over 150 residents each day.

The Problem

The site was a former hotel, converted into a nursery for 90 children and 10 staff members with a 65-bed day care centre and 45 two-bed residential apartments. The diversity of the site's utilities and expected daily population meant the project was perceived as high risk due to the issues that an operational failure could bring.

The Solution

The T-T Pumping Stations team got to work selecting the most suitable pumping station for the job - one that could reliably handle the size of the application in order to minimise the risk of a breakdown occurring.

An XXL Planet Range package pumping station was chosen - its large single chamber design allows it to hold up to 90 cubic meters of matter, which is more than sufficient for managing the size of the converted site. The XXL also provides enough space for waste retention in case of a sudden increase in demand or interruption in service (such as a power failure), drastically reducing the chance of a pumping station overflow.

Sites with residential facilities often experience waste pumping problems due to materials such as sanitary products and wet wipes being flushed rather than correctly disposed of - this can cause blockages and lead to a breakdown. Two PTS Series submersible, heavy-duty chopper pumps were fitted into the design of the pumping station in order to guarantee that it can reliably handle the waste presented by the site. The cast iron construction and double chopping action of the PTS pump make it perfect for servicing sites with complex waste demands, handling up to a 12% solids content and further improving the pumping station's reliability, not to be confused with a traditional macerator style pump.

Complex site? Choose a reliable pump
T-T Pumping Stations used their expert knowledge and experience to find the most convenient, cost-effective way of ensuring a reliable waste pumping system on the site, with the package pumping station being delivered with pipe work pre-assembled inside of a durable GRP chamber ready for installation.

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