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NiTEC Coating for Long-Term Slurry Mixing

NiTEC coated TBM slurry mixer manufactured by Cri-Man.

Mixing is essential to successful anaerobic digestion, providing homogeneity for a more consistent decomposition process, preventing the formation of separate layers and diluting toxic substances that can form such as ammonia. For these reasons, it is important that agricultural mixers can withstand harsh conditions such as large solids and high pH levels in order to operate reliably.

The Problem

The T-T Agricultural and Environmental team were approached for help with a slurry mixer that was prematurely corroding, installed in digestate of an unknown pH value. The mixer was constructed of insufficient materials, leading to expedited wear of the equipment and vastly reducing the quality of the digestion process.

The Solution

Our agricultural experts recommended a TBM Range mixer from Cri-Man, constructed from cast iron and stainless steel, with a maximum submersion depth of 20 metres.

Due to the unknown pH of the digestate being mixed, the slurry mixer was treated with a Nitec anti-corrosion coating – guaranteeing that it will be hardwearing and increase the lifespan of the equipment.

The treatment consists of a special chemical nickel coating that protects any surfaces that come into contact with chemically abrasive liquids. The coating is extremely thin, being only 50 micrometres thick and boasting a hardness of 48 HRC. Salt spray tests were performed to measure the corrosion resistance of the coating, showing results the same as on coatings with a triple thickness of Chrome.

Long-lasting and reliable

T-T can apply the Nitec coating to Cri-Man’s PTS range of chopper pumps, either as a complete treatment or localised to the cutting system. As the UK’s sole Cri-Man distributor, T-T are experts with providing high-quality solutions to agricultural pumping, chopping and waste processing needs.

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