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Screw Screens Improve Water Treatment Infrastructure

Two SFC screw screen conveyors.

When there was a requirement for the replacement of existing screw screens/conveyors as part of ongoing improvement works being carried out by two UK regional water authorities, our distributors knew we would have the perfect solution.

The Problem

During a programme of continual improvements to water treatment infrastructure, two of T-T’s distributors contacted us regarding two separate schemes that required the replacement of existing screw conveyors that had fallen beyond economical repair. 

The screws are a mechanical piece of treatment equipment designed to remove solid content from water and enable safe disposal outside of the treatment process. As a long-standing supplier of the SFC range of conveyors, we were able to quickly react to support the two distributors, who both secured the works respectively.

The Solution

Working closely together, T-T Pumps sized and selected the best solution for replacing the existing water treatment screens, the SFC Screen Compactor.

Suitable for channel or tank installation, this mechanical unit is used for the screening of municipal and industrial wastewater, efficiently and economically removing solids from a sump using a perforated screw.

Constructed from robust AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel and with a shaftless spiral in high-tensile carbon steel, the machine is composed of a perforated plate screen and/or self-cleaning wedge wire with apertures of between 0.25 mm and 10 mm.

The SFC can reduce extracted solid volumes by up to 40%, depending on the product, with discharge into a plastic bag, single or continuous type. The machine is highly versatile and can be installed in a channel or supplied with a self-supporting tank with inlet and outlet flange, and optional by-pass screen. 

Delivering low operation and maintenance costs, the SFC is the perfect long-term solution for reliable operation. Both screw screens are now with the customers ready for installation, resulting in two very happy clients!

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