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Expertly selected borehole pump for Parliament

For the last eighteen months T-T Pumps has been working closely with local construction management company 3R Projects, supplying a borehole pump and a number of other wastewater management products to the Houses of Parliament.

The Problem

A borehole pump beneath the Houses of Parliament had failed and was in need of a fast replacement - this meant finding a pump that closely matched the failed piece in order to speed-up the installation and commissioning project.

The Solution

A SAER XS181A/6 borehole pump was selected for the job, this model most closely matched the details of the previously installed pump.

The SAER range pump that was fitted is constructed from high-quality 316 stainless steel, providing corrosion-resistant durability and giving it a longer life expectancy.

Designed to draw water from deep shafts, the SAER XS181A/6 has six stages to generate pressure, a maximum flow rate capacity of 100m3/hour and is driven by a 26kW motor - making it more than capable of handling the application.

A fruitful relationship

The SAER borehole pump was successfully installed by 3R Projects, who the T-T Sales team has worked closely with on the project since 2021 - providing competitive pricing and lead times on the market-leading pump.

On top of the borehole solution, T-T has configured several pump set-ups for application across the Houses of Parliament. These kits were created for the refurbishment of both sumps and pump stations within the grounds, including valves and level controls.

Shaun Fraser, 3R Projects Mechanical/Wastewater Supervisor, commented:

"We have now installed 2 borehole type pumps in the Houses of Parliament, these were supplied by our trusted company TT Pumps. In the last 12 months we have been in constant contact with them as they have also supplied many other pumps, panels and controls. Long may this continue for the future."

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