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Non-return Valves for the Thames Tideway Scheme

T-T Flow was once again asked to supply non-return valves for the biggest sewer upgrade that the UK has seen in over 150 years. The £4.3bn Thames Tideway Scheme will intercept, store and transfer sewage away from the Thames - the last major source of pollution to the river.

The Problem

London's existing sewer system dates back to the Victorian era and was not built to handle the city's rapidly expanding population. In its current state, the sewer overflows and spills untreated sewage into the River Thames after even a slight drizzle of rain.

Foreshores along the River are being constructed to prevent this sewage from polluting the Thames' water. T-T supplied double hinge flap valves to the Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore in 2022 and was asked to supply more for the Albert Embankment, adjacent to iconic landmarks the Lambeth Bridge and MI5 Headquarters.

The project required fast turnarounds and bespoke manufacturing to fit the site.

The Solution

Due to the scale and importance of the project T-T Flow worked closely alongside the experienced engineers on-site. This ensured that the valves provided were compliant with stringent material requirements and that critical delivery times were achieved.

Double hinge non-return flap valves of various sizes were designed and manufactured for the project, this is because the site's fixings for attaching the valves did not conform to industry standards and required T-T to provide a bespoke solution.

The flap valves provided are constructed of scalloped, ductile iron for a robust design with reduced weight. This allows for an easy installation as well as long operational life in such a heavy-duty application. Precision machining on the valve's seating maximises their sealing reliability, drastically reducing the chance of any backflow that could reintroduce debris or waste into the system.

Sealing assurance was further guaranteed by the valves featuring a double-hinge mechanism. Having two hinges spreads the stress and wear of continual opening and closing, increasing the lifespan of the hinges. A double-hinge configuration also lends itself to more consistent and reliable sealing, ensuring that the flap valves effectively prevent backflow.

T-T Flow are proud to have supplied to such a prestigious project and are confident in the quality construction and design of their double hinge non-return flap valves.

View T-T's extensive range of non-return valves for more details on their industry-leading features, or call our team on +44 (0)1630 647200 to discuss bespoke design options to suit your application.

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