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Seer Monitoring Keeps Energy Costs Low

Seer Advanced installed in control panel kiosk.

Some issues within a system, such as a pumping station, may not cause immediate problems in terms of breakdowns or environmental damage. However, they can have consequences such as inefficient operation, increased energy consumption and higher energy and maintenance bills.

Without an effective monitoring system these issues can go undetected, but with Seer Monitoring’s alarms and remote access to performance data you can ensure your station/system stays in optimal operating condition.

The Problem

T-T Controls were alerted to an overrun alarm by a Seer Advanced unit installed on a housing development’s pumping station in Weir Hill, on the outskirts of Shrewsbury. The team accessed the Seer Portal for closer inspection and noticed that, despite the affected pump running constantly, the station’s wet well levels were not lowering.

Our experts contacted the developer to arrange a site visit that would allow us to fix the issue, citing accelerated wear on the pump and high energy bills as a result of the overrunning. However, they were not concerned by the active alarm and declined our maintenance recommendations.

The Solution

After the initial alert was received, our team remotely accessed and analysed the station’s live operational data to pinpoint the cause of the pump overrunning.

It was found that pumped water was being recirculated into the wet well via a non-return valve obstructed by debris. This led to consistently high water levels, causing the pump to run continuously in an attempt to lower them.

Thanks to Seer’s cloud-based historical data storage we were able to see that, under normal conditions, the pump ran for ten-minute periods, eleven times a day. When compared to live incoming data from the station we found that the pump was running over ten times this amount.

Our team ran some calculations to estimate what the client’s bill could reach with their pump consuming ten times the usual energy and relayed this to them. Along with the drastically increased wear on the pump that would see it needing higher levels of maintenance, this convinced the customer to allow our engineers on-site to fix the obstructed non-return valve.

T-T engineers attended the site with a clear plan of the work that was required thanks to information from the pumping station’s Seer Portal. The compromised non-return valve was swiftly fixed and the client was saved from an eye-watering energy bill.

Save Money with Seer

With Seer’s cloud-based data logging, live performance data and numerous analogue and digital alarms, you can increase the efficiency of your pumping station and fix issues before a breakdown can occur; saving you precious time and money.

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