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Cost Effective, Bespoke Pump Station Controls

Bespoke control panel green kiosk on right and inside of kiosk and interior control system on left.

Adoptable pumping stations are a waste management solution that allows site developers to pass operational responsibility of the station and control panel to a local water authority once their project is completed. However, due to the stringent regulations that an adoptable station and its control system must meet, the process of designing adoptable controls is significantly longer and more expensive than that of private controls.

The Problem

A client acting on behalf of a local water authority came to T-T Controls in need of a control panel for an effluent pumping station set to be installed on a small housing development. Due to the low number of houses on the site and budget restrictions faced by the authority, the client was seeking a lower cost control solution than a standard adoptable style panel.

The Solution

Our experts designed and manufactured a complete bespoke control system that met the needs for the local water authority to take over while keeping manufacturing costs low, beginning with an onsite meeting to discuss the client’s technical requirements.

The system provided consisted of a form 2 control panel; a kiosk complete with internal heating for protection in winter and lighting for increased visibility; level control equipment for automated pump operation; an electrical distribution board; and the client’s preferred telemetry device for remote status monitoring.

This bespoke controls system was completed for a fraction of the cost of a standard adoptable panel while still meeting the client’s requirements. The design has been standardised for use in future projects for the same water authority, providing a fast and low-cost alternative to a traditional adoptable control system - with a second order from the client already in motion!

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