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Seer Monitoring - David Wilson Homes Adoptable Pump Station

Seer Advanced monitoring unit installed in a GRP kiosk with a control panel.

As part of trialing and testing our new Seer Monitoring Range, we installed a Seer Advanced unit at a David Wilson Homes site in Crewe, Cheshire.

The 72 property development required an adoptable pumping station to serve its residents as there was no pre-existing gravity sewer network available for waste disposal.

Adoptable Pumping Station Construction

Our experts provided an adoptable pumping station for the site that was compliant with Sewers for Adoption 6th Edition (the applicable specification at the time of construction) as well as United Utilities' addendum to these guidelines.

The station consisted of a 3m by 5.3m deep concrete well, with a separate concrete constructed valve chamber, ductile iron pipework, valves, two ATEX approved sewage pumps with vortex impellers and other fittings all made to full specification compliance.

T-T Controls manufactured the main control panel for the system, installed with a Text-Tel Junior SMS-only monitoring unit as well as a Seer Advanced cloud-based unit. This enabled our team to cross-correlate the alarms received by both devices, track the differences in their performance and test the new Seer Range in application.

Seer Advanced Monitoring & Telemetry

Within 48 hours of its installation, the Seer Advanced unit detected a stuck non-return valve on one of the pump discharge legs.

This would have gone undetected by the Text-Tel, due to the SMS technology limiting the number of variables it can monitor, causing unnecessary wear on the pump as it runs constantly and unbalancing the hours run by pumps at the station.

Without being detected by the Seer Unit, it could have only been diagnosed by an engineer who was observing the site at the exact moment the non-return valve got stuck.

As a 24/7 real-time monitoring system, Seer has allowed us to see a typical day in the life of this station, such as its empty cycles and peak demands to both inflows and operating cycles. Along with categorising alarms by their severity (minor, major and critical) and a T-T Service and Monitoring agreement, this insight enabled our team to optimise the performance of the pumping station as well as the timing of our maintenance visits and repair services.

Not only did the Seer Advanced detect issues specific to the pumping station, it also identified problems with ancillary services such as the incoming voltage from the power supply network and the impact this can have on the station – such as increased power consumption, motor overheating and increased maintenance needs.

Lastly, Seer’s real-time data logging and online analysis portal means reports of all data, parameters and alarms can be downloaded. From this, a document pack can be produced and supplied to the adopting water authority as proof of a stations’ performance efficiency, aiding in the adoption process.

Jane Delicata, manager of the T-T Controls & Automation department, commented:

“The development of this product has allowed us to assist not only major house builders in providing evidence of the efficient working of the pumping station to aid adoption but has also diagnosed many issues within hours of being installed on sites.”

Proactive Maintenance, Reduced Costs

Seer Advanced reduced the need for more costly emergency visits at the new David Wilson site, allowing for remote diagnoses and proactive maintenance that prevents significant component wear and breakdowns from occurring.

Learn more about our complete range of Seer Monitoring units online, or contact a member of the team for expert advice by calling +44 (0)1630 647200, emailing ttcontrols@ttpumps.com or completing our online enquiry form.

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