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How-to: Select an Adoptable or Private Pump Station

Cross section of adoptable pumping station showing internal pipework and valves.

Choosing the ideal pumping station for your application can be difficult with so many models and options available - the first choice you have to make is whether a package or adoptable pumping station will best serve your needs. The experts at T-T Pumps have written a handy guide to help you to get started with your pumping station selection.

Package pumping stations

Package pumping stations are pre-assembled units that comprise of a chamber, pumps, pipework, valves, control panel and level control for efficient waste handling. They are primarily used in private applications – such as homes without a pre-existing connection to the main sewer system – and come in a variety of sizes and design configurations to suit different demands.

Once installed and commissioned, the owner of the package pump station is responsible for costs, day-to-day running and long-term maintenance to ensure that the station is in proper working condition in accordance with relevant environmental and health & safety legislation. This means that any breakdowns, environmental damage or other issues are the sole responsibility of the owner.

On the other hand, they benefit from speedy installation thanks to their pre-assembled nature and offer a wider range of options in terms of size and models - such as below or above-ground stations depending on the site's geography, available space and the use of gravity for transporting waste to the nearby sewer system.

Adoptable pumping stations

Adoptable pumping stations are built to be adopted by a local water authority, transferring the responsibility of running costs and maintenance from the developer to the authority. This requires the pumping station to be built to the regulations set out by the Design Construction Guidance (DCG), as well as the standards held by each individual water authority, in order to meet the criteria for adoption. They are often built for larger applications such as housing developments due to the higher initial cost for the developer.

Building an adoptable station requires careful consideration of a water authority’s regulations and the DCG, meaning the design, construction and installation process are longer than those associated with package pumping stations. The final handover and adoption process itself makes the timescale longer, with the developer being responsible for the maintenance of the station prior to its adoption. These stations also tend to require more space on the site they are being installed 

However, post-adoption the developer holds no responsibility for the costs or necessary servicing of the station in the long term, making all future costs, work or complaints the responsibility of the relevant water authority.

Ask the experts

Whether a package or adoptable pumping station is best suited to your needs depends on factors such as schedule, application demand and long-term plans in regards to maintenance.

Our pumping station experts are on hand to discuss your needs and advise you on the option that best suits you. T-T Pumps has years of experience in successfully designing and installing adoptable pumping stations, as well as boasting a wide range of BBA-Approved package pumping stations that are available on short lead times.

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