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Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions


What does WRAS stand for?
What is WRAS testing?
What products need to be WRAS approved?
Is WRAS approval a legal requirement?
Why choose WRAS approved products?
What is the difference between clean and potable water?
What is the difference between WRAS product and WRAS material approval?
How do I know which products are WRAS approved?
What is BS 6920?


Who are the BVAA?
What does the BVAA do?
BVAA vs BPMA, what's the difference?
What does T-T Flow's membership with the BVAA mean for me?
What does the BVAA logo look like?


What does NICEIC stand for?
Is NICEIC a legal requirment?
What is a NICEIC certificate?
What does the NICEIC logo look like?


What does BBA stand for?
What does BBA certified mean?
What does the BBA logo look like?

Made in Britain

Why is Made in Britain important?
What qualifies as Made in Britain?
What does the Made in Britain logo look like?
How do I know which products are Made in Britain approved?


What is SMAS Worksafe?
What is the SMAS Worksafe accreditiation?
SMAS vs CHAS, what's the difference?
What is the SMAS Worksafe logo?


What does CHAS stand for?
What is CHAS?
Is CHAS a legal requirement?
What is the CHAS logo?


What is Constructionline?
What is Constructionline GOLD Accreditation?

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