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BBA Approved Pumping Stations from T-T

The Planet Range from our T-T Pumping Stations division are BBA approved pumping stations. BBA stands for British Board of Agrément and sets the bar for safety, quality and reliability within the construction industry.  This gives you the reassurance that our products are of a high standard and have been assessed, tested and approved by one of the UK’s leading notified bodies. Our Packaged Pumping Stations have been certified by the BBA to  demonstrate that they are a product of high standards.

How have our pumping stations been assessed?

The below bullet points outline the key factors that were assessed on approval of our packaged pumping stations and a summary of the report outcome:

Strength - the chambers have adequate strength to resist damage from minor impacts during handling and hydrostatic pressure due to wet concrete during installation (see section 6 of the certificate below).

Resistance to chemicals - the chambers and components will be unaffected by chemicals likely to be found in the specified effluent (see section 7 of the certificate below).

Watertightness - the chambers, when correctly installed in accordance with the Certificate holder’s instructions, will not allow seepage either into or from the surrounding soil (see section 8 of the certificate below).

Durability - the chambers are made from durable materials and with adequate maintenance will continue to be serviceable for the design life of the drainage system (see section 10 of the certificate below).

Why it is important to have BBA approved pumping stations?

Having BBA approved pumping stations allows T-T to demonstrate that our packaged pumping stations are of an industry recognised standard. Not only does it denote a high quality, safety and dependability, it also provides peace of mind that you are receiving a quality product with the correct installation. In addition, regular monitoring by the BBA is carried out to ensure continuous standards are met.

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Follow the link below for more information on our planet range of package pumping stations. If you would like to talk through a scheme with one of our technical engineers then call us today or request a quote.

BBA Approved Package Pumping Stations

Mercury Single/Dual Pump - Ideal for small flows from a single dwelling where excavation depth is limited.

Venus Single/Dual Pump - The most popular size for use in a single dwelling, toilet block, or small office applications.

Saturn Dual Pump - This chamber is for two pumps, is suitable for small housing and industrial/commercial developments, restaurants, small hotels/nursing homes and caravan sites. Larger capacities are available to special order.

Jupiter Dual Pump - The twin pump Jupiter station is designed for larger developments, hotels, hospitals, sewage works and can be incorporated into schemes where, for example, Sewers for Adoption specification is required.