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Eccentric plug valves, from T-T to Hong Kong

T-T recently minimised costly downtime for a client with an order of eccentric plug valves via air freight shipping.


A sewage treatment works under the Drainage Services Department of Hong Kong is one of twenty sites, located on a twenty-four-acre plot and serving over seven million residents. They contacted T-T with an urgent order of eccentric plug valves for the refurbishment of their filter presses, with short lead times necessary for fast commissioning on the project.


T-T Flow engineers used their expert knowledge to select the most effective eccentric plug valve for the application, expediting the decision making process and arranging express international delivery direct to Hong Kong.

DN150 eccentric plug valves were chosen, their AWWA C517 standard design guaranteeing high quality and reliable performance when operating. A core feature of the valves is the offset concept that reduces both wear on the sealing face and the torque needed for flow control. The DN150 is rated to 16 Bar (232 psi) and features a one-piece plug with resilient bi-directional sealing, which gives it greater strength and more consistent sealing capabilities. A corrosion resistant stainless steel stem sleeve and hardened rubber surrounding the plug protect the valve from corrosion from potential leaks and environmental factors, further improving the seal's reliability.

Ductile iron is used in the valve's manufacturing to maximize their performance, as it provides an excellent strength to weight ratio that promotes both longevity and easy installation. In addition to a nitrile coating on the plugs, they have a longer life span and greater resistance to chemical wear.

T-T shipped the order via air freight to Hong Kong within days of receiving it, made possible by the wide range of warehouse stock kept on our Cheshire site, minimising potential downtime and saving the client from further costs and setbacks.

Plug valves require precise sizing for their intended application to guarantee that they operate effectively. T-T's team of expert engineers are ready to offer advice on product selection and make sure that you get the most suitable equipment for the job.

To find out more about T-T's eccentric plug valves, contact the specialists on 01630 647200, or explore our range online here.