Concrete Washout System

Where the PH of water comes in to contact with green cement, significant COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) are present; this is both hazardous to human health and polluting to the environment. Managing the disposal of waste concrete wash waters in an environmentally friendly manner has proved difficult for the construction industry and is fast becoming a concern to regulators. To combat this issue, an all in one Concrete Washout System was created.

This concrete washout system is a simple system for washing chutes on concrete delivery wagons and various other pieces of site equipment through the use of an adsorption sack and water pumped to be recycled. To enable this system to work, T-T was chosen to provide pumps and a pump control panel to ensure this system works as reliably and effectively as possible.

T-T Pumps selected the Jet M80 cast iron water booster pump and the Liberator 400 stainless steel submersible pump complete with Z float switches. Further to this, customised pump control gear housed in a weatherproof IP55 poly-carbonate enclosure was manufactured, one Smart 10 pressure controller was added to regulate the pressure. The system works by the Jet M80 boosting the water through a high-pressure hose to wash the concrete chute, the Liberator recycles the water back through to the Jet M80 compartment ready for the high-pressure jet to wash further shoots, this reduces water consumption and wastewater disposal.

Each pump has a pump tripped warning LED, a power-on LED indicator directing power to the panel, and an MCB protected supply. The main pump is controlled via a hand/off/auto switch. In the auto position, the operation is via the Smart 10 pressure switch and in the hand position; the pump will permanently operate until selected to the off position. Additionally, the pump has a running LED indicator. The remaining two pumps are operated via the on-off selector.

­­What makes this T-T control panel so unique is the pump sockets and Smart 10 pressure switch socket are both mounted on the rear end of the control panel, a very unusual layout. This customised design was requested by the customer for ease of access to the power socket, which would regularly be built in.

T-T have the knowledge and expertise to provide a customised solution to meet specific requirements. For more information on our range of control panels, monitoring systems, and pumps, contact our sales team on +44 (0) 1630 647200 or email

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