The T-T Pumping Station installation team were in for an eventful day when they went to install a Mercury Package Pumping Stations at St Marys Church in Nantwich.

As they dug a hole for the pumping station they unveiled some concealed artefacts that needed to be investigated! The job was stopped and archaeologists were called in to investigate the objects, unfortunately no hidden gems were found! However our pumping station did make it down the aisle! The pumping station is now installed and is to facilitate the growing number of visitors to the church.

We hope the visitors are as happy as our client was with the new facilities, "St Marys church, Nantwich has had an important change made after many years of planning. New toilet facilities.  Tricky, no doubt, but with the help of T-T this was turned into a reality in 2016. The service they provided was outstanding, from delivery to final commission. Their customer support was exceptional and I hope our paths cross again in the future!" Jamie Traynor, Site Manager at Recclesia Ltd.