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STU-C - Compact Sewage Treatment Plant

STU/C is a compact plant to pre-treat sewage or industrial effluents featuring separation and compaction of solids, separation and dewatering of grit and separation of grease.

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Product Information

STU-C - Compact Sewage Treatment Plant


Compact Sewage Treatment Plant, separation of solids, grit and grease.


  • The wastewater is transported to the unit via. a pumped system or by gravity.
  • The screen compactor removes the solids larger than the screen mesh
  • The screenings are lifted out of the wastewater by means of a shaftless spiral. These are often dewatered prior to discharge.
  • The screened sewage enters the settling chamber where grit settles to the bottom.  Air is also injected to aid the settlement process.
  • A shaftless spiral transports the grit to a pit where, an inclined shaftless screw conveyor lifts the grits rotating at a very slow speed, it then lifts and dewaters the grit before discharge. Greave removal available upon request.


Compact plant to pre-treat sewage or industrial effluents. The plant provides

  • Separation and compaction of solids (a screenings washing system is also available on request)
  • Separation and dewatering of grit (a grit washing system is available on request)
  • Separation of grease (available on request)