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STU Septic Waste

STU ideal for septic waste delivered by tanker, the unit screens effluent prior to entry into the treatments works and has many more features.

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Product Information

STU Septic Waste

STU Septic Waste

Compact Pre-Treatment Plant


  • Ideal for septic waste delivered by tanker
  • This unit screens effluent prior to entry into treatment works
  • Different models include compaction of the extracted solid, grit/sand separation, grease removal


  • Low investment cost
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Construction in stainless steel. AISI 304 or 316
  • No intermediate / hanger or bottom bearings
  • Extracted solid volume reduction up to 40%, depending on the product
  • Fully enclosed plant
  • Shaftless spiral in high tensile carbon steel and stainless steel. AISI 304 or 316
  • No jamming or blocking even if there are long and fibrous products
  • No mechanical components in contact with the handled products
  • Low speed
  • Possibility to wash the solids
  • Different screen aperture: from 0.25 to 10mm
  • Reduces biochemical oxygen demand