Seer System monitoring is a vital part of ensuring your operations run safely and smoothly.

Our extensive range includes a number of monitoring systems which are easy to install and operate.

We can also offer cutting-edge technology with a number of innovative products, such as:

  • Text-Tel Enviro – Allows you to carry out two-way communication with phones on a range of popular networks, so you can even control it remotely
  • T-T RainCycle® Level - Offers incredibly accurate level detection
  • Text-Tel Micro - Can be retrofitted to existing control systems, offers 24 hour monitoring and is ideal for remote locations
  • SEER Monitoring

    Our SEER monitoring range of telemetry products aim to ensure your pumping equipment is running in optimal condition, the products range from alarm units to telemetry monitoring devices. Our SEER range aims to give insight into the running of the pumping equipment by analysing and monitoring the equipment’s continuous status. Telemetry is the process of recording and transmitting data via a signal between two devices.

    Our SEER telemetry products are added to your control equipment and report any changes via an email or SMS text message. The unit’s send a message based on a number of different programmable variables such as high level, low or high pressure, intruder alarm, pump failure and many more!

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  1. PalPack option one - PuddlePal dewatering pump, control unit and level detector

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  3. Remote SMS Monitoring - Text-Tel Junior

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  4. high or low liquid level warning alarm

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