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Potable / Clean Water Pumps

TT Pumps offer a comprehensive range of quality products for clean water and potable water applications, the range includes small end suction pumps, self-priming pumps, borehole pumps up to high-performance split case pumps.

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29 Items found

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Potable / Clean Water Pumps

Our range is further complemented by our Booster Set Range including our Hi-Dro Boost range which can be utilised on simple water pressurising to the more demanding systems on high rise and industrial applications where reliability counts. When it comes to pressure, we can meet your needs from a small pressure increase for a domestic application to a more sophisticated system in a multi-storey building where a number of booster sets are required in series with a control system interface and then integrated into a building management system.

All models are ruggedly designed using high-quality materials in the production of the pumps including stainless steel for corrosion resistance with all the pumps being fully repairable ensuring long life and being a great investment. Motor sizes start at 0.37kW up to 500kW with discharge sizes beginning at 25mm up to 500mm.

TT Pumps offer pumps for an expansive range of applications from domestic pressure boosting to larger water supply and industrial applications.

Borehole pumps are popular with many customers who are off the water grid with farming communities finding great favour for water supply and irrigation.

TT is unique in the UK having multiple skills in pump engineering, control system design and flow control where our team have a full understanding of your pumping systems and requirements.

With some 60 years plus of providing pumps and pumping systems, you can be confident that you will get the best advice and product selection.   

Please call our pump experts for advice on the best pump selection.


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