Clean Water Treatment Works

T-T supply a range of WRAS approved equipment suitable for use on a clean water treatment and purification plant. Our pumps are suitable for high pressure movement of water and our valves can assist in managing the water flow through the plant. Our control equipment can be customised to allow automation of any plant.

T-T’s clean and potable water products include:

The Hi-Dro boost for pressure management from the main water supply to the tap, the Hi-Dro Boost range of clean water booster sets are comprised of three vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps enabling required flow and water pressure for your application. The Hi-Dro Boost can be controlled via either a mechanical pressure switch for fixed speed applications, or the ‘Vasco’ variable speed control drive to maintain a constant pressure level during varying flow rate demand.

A full range of WRAS approved valves, including the Aquavault resilient seat wedge gate valve used for pipeline isolation and metal seat swing check valves which prevent reverse flow. The T-T range of WRAS approved valves protect drinking water hygiene by using intelligent design to ensure that all internal walls of the valve are continually rinsed by water, eliminating any area where stagnation can occur, ultimately diminishing the risk of stagnation.

Level control float switches which have been designed to meet the demands and requirements of reliable level control. The potable water float switch is engineered using WRAS approved components to ensure water safety while economically and efficiently providing a trouble free operation.

  1. Potable FLO107 float switch for level control in potable or clean water
    FLO107 Float Switches
    Starting From £87.60 £73.00
  2. Wafer Check Valve
    Twin plate check valve, DN50-DN300, PN16
    Starting From £141.60 £118.00
  3. Swing Check Valve
    Swing check valve, DN50-DN300, PN16, EN558-2-S10
    Starting From £110.40 £92.00
  4. Standard DOL/ASD Control Panels for single or dual motor control
    Starting From £31.20 £26.00
  5. Metal Seat Wedge Gate Valve with Bypass
    Metal seat gate valve, DN350-DN1200, PN16, ISO5210, Bypass
    Starting From £3,630.00 £3,025.00
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