Construction and Hire

We understand the benefits of maintaining dry working conditions, which improves site access and productivity on construction sites. T-T manufacture and supply a complete range of products to keep your site workable at all times. 

  1. Liberator Vortex submersible dewatering pump
    Submersible Solids Handling Pump - Liberator Vortex

    Starting From £1,068.00 £890.00

  2. Liberator - 2" drainage pump
    Liberator Range

    Starting From £372.00 £310.00

  3. Trencher - Portable contractors pump with built-in agitator
    Trencher Range

    Starting From £330.00 £275.00

  4. EP Bronze self-priming transfer pump complete with Trolley
    EP Bronze Range

    Starting From £84.00 £70.00

  5. SCR-50HX honda driven engine pump
    SCR Range

    Starting From £468.00 £390.00

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