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Controls, Automation & Monitoring FAQs

Control Systems

How does T-T test control systems prior to shipping?
What starting methods are available with T-T's Control Systems?
What is a control panel?
How do I select the right control panel?
How do I maintain a pumping station control panel?
What is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)?

Monitoring Systems

Why is pump monitoring important?
What is predictive pump monitoring?
What are the benefits of remote pump monitoring?
How do you maximise pump efficiency?
Where can T-T's Seer Monitoring be applied?
Seer 24/7 Monitioring Unit Rental
How do I choose a pump monitoring system?
What is a pump monitoring unit?
How do I choose a monitoring system?
My monitoring system is alerting me to an issue, what now?
Is monitoring by T-T included with my monitoring device?
What experience does T-T have with manufacturing monitoring systems?
What different monitoring systems does T-T offer?

Level Controls

What are the advantages of using a float switch?
What is a float switch?
How do float switches work?
How do I choose a float switch?
Are T-T's Flo Series float switches suitable for potable water?
What are float switch counterweights?
What equipment is needed for float switch installation?
What is the difference between float valve and float switch?
Can I bypass a float switch?

Kiosks & Enclosures

What is GRP?
Do you offer cabinets in non-standard colours or finishes?
Do you have products available for next day dispatch?
What size cabinet do I need to house my control equipment and potentially fit DNO meters?
What is the best kiosk/enclosure material?
Do you offer cabinets with plywood backboards for mounting other equipment, such as gas detection or analysis units?
Do you offer advice on locking arrangements?

Speed Control

What is a Variable Speed Drive?
What are the benefits of using a VSD?
Can VSDs be installed on any motor?
Can several VSDs be used on the same system to control multiple pumps?
What is fixed speed control and what is variable speed control?

Pressure Control

How do pressure switches work?
When is fluid pressure control needed?

Seer Nano App

What does the button do?
What does a flashing light on my Seer Nano mean?
What should I do if I am not receiving any emails?
How can I alter my settings once the Seer Nano is set up?
How do I factory reset my Seer Nano?
How will I know when the batteries on my Seer Nano need replacing?
How do I replace the batteries in my Seer Nano?
Is the Seer Nano waterproof?
Does Seer Nano record data?
Where can I find more help?
My Seer Nano set up is failing, what can I do?

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