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Shopping Online

T-T Website

How do I search for a product?
I would like a customised solution
What does Band mean?
How do I know if a special offer is available?

Online Accounts

How do I set up an online account?
What is available on my account dashboard?
How do I access the technical drawings?
How do I save datasheets and other technical documents?
How do I sign up for CPD resources?
How do I book a CPD seminar?

Purchasing & Orders

How do I process a payment in USD or EUR?
What is the exchange rate?
Will I be charged VAT on purchases placed in USD and EUR?
What is the minimum order charges for USD and EUR orders?
How do I check if the product is in stock or not?
Some of the products I want to buy are available to buy online and some are not, what do I do?
Can I order using my mobile or tablet?
I haven’t received an order confirmation email, what should I do?
I’m having problems using my card online, what should I do?
Are my payment details safe and secure?
I would like to apply for a T-T credit account

Delivery Services

What are T-T's international delivery charges?
When will I get my order?
I have selected items that are available for Same Day Dispatch delivery, why when I check out, do I receive the message ‘Please note you have exceeded the number of items available for same day dispatch and therefore a lead time may apply"?
What does ‘delivery status’ mean?
I’m based in Ireland (including Northern Ireland), can I order same day dispatch products?
I’m based in Ireland (including Northern Ireland), why are my delivery options POA or collection only?
I’m based outside the UK, what are my delivery options?
Can I track my order?
Can I add to my order?

Literature & Supporting Documents

I would like to request a copy of some literature I have found on T-T’s website.
How do I sign up/unsubscribe to the newsletter?
How do I request a catalogue?


Why do we issue a copyright agreement to our customers?
What do we mean when we say ‘images that belong to us’?
So, what actually is intellectual property?
What happens if you don’t have a copyright agreement to use images?

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