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We sell a number of mixers ideal for agricultural, environmental and industrial applications.

Each of our mixer models comes in several variations, so you can choose the specifications that best suit your needs. We even offer next day delivery on certain models.

For specialist products, like our range of lateral mixers, we recommend speaking to a member of our team to get technical support to ensure you get the right product for you.

As the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland, this range is made up of Cri-man products. 


Find the mixer to suit your needs

Our range of mixers include:

  • TBX range of submersible horizontal mixers - These stainless steel mixers are built to handle highly corrosive mixtures and are ideal for homogenising sewage. They are durable, self-cleaning and very efficient.
  • TBM range of submersible horizontal mixers - These can be used for a wide variety of applications from sewage treatment to effluent and industrial processing. It is robust enough to be used in extreme conditions and is available with a seal leak probe.
  • MXL range of lateral mixers - Ideal for breaking crusts and homogenizing fluids. You can choose the length and installation angle you need.
  • MXV series of vertical shaft mixers - These can be used for processes ranging from agriculture to biogas processing and have self-cleaning stainless steel propellers.