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Domestic Pumping Stations

Our advanced domestic pumping stations are specifically designed for the collection and discharge of water and materials from the home. All our domestic pumping stations are easy to install and require very little maintenance. The robust and reliable designs grind, discharge or collect water from drains, showers, sinks and washing machines.

In our range of domestic pumping stations, you’ll find the Loopak Macreator Pump. This pump is fitted with a 600-watt motor that automatically grinds and discharges water, sewage and other materials that come from the bathroom or kitchen.

Our domestic pumping stations also feature the T-T Utility Box. Versatile and easy to install; this polyethylene tank is intended for the removal of waste water without any solids. Why not call our project specialists today who will advise on the right domestic pumping station for your home.

A domestic pumping station consists of a large tank or well where domestic sewerage and waste collects from a group of houses. When the tank level reaches a predetermined level then the domestic pumping station will pump the waste to the main sewerage system.