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Pump Station S.O.S – Out of Hours Support

Control panel wiring.

Installing and maintaining a private pumping station can be a daunting task for those without prior experience in managing household waste, especially with owners of lift stations holding both environmental and legal duties of care in its operation.

T-T's five divisions collaborate to offer a comprehensive service that encompasses station design, installation, commissioning, and after-sales support; ensuring a stress-free process for our clients.

The Problem

About a year ago, T-T Pumping Stations installed an effluent lift station for a self-built home. Our team utilised their years of experience in providing private waste systems to assist the client throughout the process; particularly through challenges posed by energy companies and the contractor from whom the land was purchased.

Fast forward to 2023 and the same client is contacting T-T once more, this time in need of support from our Service department due to a high-level warning alarm triggering on their pump station.

The Solution

The first call came out of hours on a Sunday evening when the alarm began to ring. A dedicated member of the T-T team guided the client through silencing the alarm.

Our team then guided them through safely turning off and opening the control box to access the reset button, after which the client was transferred to another colleague who coached the station owner through the rest of the reset, navigating technical wires and switches.

The pump station was successfully reset and the client was relieved. They thanked our Service team members for their composure and clear instructions and left with a date to contact us in the future to set up a service agreement, providing scheduled maintenance visits and priority support from our experts, offering long-term peace of mind.

Long-Term Pump Maintenance

Our pump maintenance packages safeguard your home and the environment by ensuring that all pump station components remain in optimal working condition. This significantly reduces the risk of equipment failure. Regularly scheduled servicing saves you time and money, eliminating the need for emergency breakdown callouts and potential legal fines stemming from breakdowns.

Explore details of our pump maintenance packages online to discover how we can secure the safe and efficient operation of your pump station.

Or contact T-T Service today for friendly and expert technical support you can rely on, call +44 (0)1630 647200 or email