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Introducing The Pluto Micro Package Pumping Station

At the beginning of March 2023 T-T Pumping Stations revealed their newest package pumping station in the Planet Range, a domestic wastewater pump called the Pluto Micro.

Domestic wastewater solution

As the smallest member of the Planet Range family, the Pluto Micro is the ideal domestic wastewater pump, constructed with smaller-scale surface water applications in mind.

The single pump system is perfect for projects such as basement conversions and cavity wall drainage, supported by its compact and lightweight design.

High-performance pump

Despite its size, the fully automatic Pluto Micro retains the same robust features as the rest of the Planet Range, with a strong polyethylene-constructed chamber and the same high-performance pumping components inside. Just like the Planet Range, the Pluto Micro is also BBA-approved, meaning that it has achieved high safety, quality and reliability standards set by an industry-leading certification body.

The internal ABS pipework ensures the pump can withstand high-pressure water flow and gives it a higher resistance to corrosion over its lifetime, supported by non-return valves to help prevent backflow and a resulting pump failure.


Since its launch at the beginning of March, the Pluto Micro has been upholding the Planet Range's reputation for high performance and reliability in its applications, with positive feedback from our clients about our newest domestic wastewater pump.

View the Pluto Micro online or call our in-house experts for support at 01630 647200

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