• T-T has launched a new monitoring range, Seer monitoring.
  • The range is available in Junior, Micro and Advanced models to cater to different applications including process industries, package pumping stations, and adoptable pumping stations.
  • The monitoring portal offers advanced analytics of system performance and real-time status to allow for effective remote monitoring.

New for 2019, T-T has developed a range of monitoring equipment that used cloud-based technology to transport data to an online portal. The Seer monitoring range is an advanced data logger that uses cloud-based technology to continually communicate pump status to an internet based portal that has multiple notification setting functionalities.

The system offers the following functionality:

  • Real-time reporting, offering the ability to remotely diagnose faults
  • Visually represented data and alarm screens
  • Historical data held for plant comparison and analysis
  • Fully configurable alerts via SMS and email
  • Download data scheduling options
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs
  • Improved plant reliability
  • Reduce environmental risk

Seer has the ability to monitor and report on various attributes which can all be accessed via our Seer monitoring portal. The initial system overview gives you a snap-shot view of the status of the pumping stations, displaying a pictorial view of the pump station in real-time, indicating wet well level, pump operational status, signal strength and network of the comms and internal temperature.

The new monitoring system has already seen success on a number of problematic housing development sites, whereby the wet well level was continually filling and with traditional monitoring systems no cause for this could be identified. Via installing the Seer monitoring system, T-T managed to identify issues external to the pumping station for example voltage drop. One example of the Seer ‘doing its job’ was the identification of a non-return valve being lodged by a piece of debris, something that would only have been identified if an engineer was on-site at the exact time of the incident.

Jon-Paul Whittingham, our Pumping Stations manager comments, “We have found the new Seer monitoring system particularly useful at the stages of adoption of the pumping station. The Seer holds historical data that allows us to generate a comprehensive report that can be submitted to the adopting water authority as evidence of proficient, continuous working of the pumping station. This is just one of the benefits of installing the Seer unit on a pumping station.”

The development of the new monitoring system was initiated due to us having an understanding of the problems and frustrations a pumping station can cause. Be it the 5pm breakdown calls or the complaints from clients and residents. Therefore we took it upon ourselves to develop a system that can truly drill down, dig a little further and define the nature of the fault, the potential cause and diagnose issues without the need for some times expensive service call-outs.

For more information on the Seer units you can request a demonstration here: https://marketing-ttpumps.com/p/556Z-17I/seer-monitoring-demonstration or call +44 (0) 1630 647200.