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T-T Package Pumping Stations - BBA Approved Since 2006

British Board of Agrément logo and pumping station photo collage.

18th Dec, 2023 -

Back in 2006, T-T Pump’s Planet Range of package pumping stations attained BBA (British Board of Agrément) approval.

Now, after 17 years and over 8000 units sold, the range still holds the certification and has received no reported failures during this time!

BBA approval ensures that all of the Planet Range chambers pass rigorous testing and are fit for purpose – transferring surface water and domestic sewage in domestic, commercial and public development to a main sewerage system – prior to dispatch.

Key Factors for Assessment

Strength – The pumping station chambers are strong enough to resist damage from minor impacts during handling and hydrostatic pressure from wet concrete during installation.

Resistance to chemicals – The tanks and components in the pump station will not be affected by the amount or type of chemicals present in the pumped effluent. 

Water tightness – The stations will not allow any seepage out into or in from the surrounding soil.

Durability – the chambers are made from durable materials and, with proper maintenance, will continue to operate for the design life of the drainage system they are installed in.

These four factors ensure that every pumping station our engineers manufacture is long-lasting and environmentally responsible for a stress-free waste management solution.

What is BBA?

BBA is a UKAS-accredited service that tests, inspects and certifies construction industry products to ensure they are of the highest quality. T-T Pumps have six monthly audits from BBA for continued product control of their planet range, T-T has never failed an audit and continues to provide the highest quality package pumping station chambers.

Jon Whittingham, pumping station manager, commented:

“We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality products and the news that we have been BBA approved for 12 years with no failures is one to be celebrated. It shows that our hard work and determination to supply market leading high standard products is paying off. This is something we will continue to do and we won’t let our no-failure streak end here!”

Watch the entire installation process of a pumping station below:

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