A question that is asked many times... Is a Submersible Pump a better choice than a surface mounted pump?

In most cases the answer is YES for drainage and sewage pumping applications, whereas many industrial and hygienic applications will normally need a surface mounted pump.

Historically surface mounted pumps and drywell pumps were favoured for ease of maintenance due to poor reliability and the requirement of regular maintenance.

Today, as a result of better design and materials, submersible pumps are more popular for Sewage and Drainage Pumping applications, where construction costs for a pumping station are considerably more economic. A notable advantage is that a Submersible Pumping Station will need less space and because of underground construction will minimise any visual impact.  

The reliability of submersible pumps is excellent due to the superior sealing arrangements with IP68 being standard. Maintenance is at a very economic level only requiring low frequency checks and many of the larger pumping station are remotely monitored, reducing further maintenance costs whilst improving reliability.

Sewage Pumping Station from TT Pumps, showing a Saturn Sewage Package Pumping Station